PSAC555 2022 Summer Term Bargaining Updates:

TA/RA and Exam Invigilators:

Your CA is up for renewal this Fall- so we will be going into contract negotiations in Fall 2022.

We will be circulating a survey in the Fall to all our members.  If you have any questions or concerns that you would like the survey to address please let us know at prior to August 1.


Your Bargaining Negotiations Team:

  • Nabeel Ahmed Syed
  • Roya Dehghani (alternate Somayeh Foroughi)
  • Heidi Kates (alternate Kaitlynn Gambier)
  • PSAC Lead Negotiator: Rachel Besharah

Sessional and Clinical Instructors:

You are still in bargaining but we don’t return to the table until the second week of September. 

We are still at an impasse on workload with the employer.  And we have filed an unfair labour practice against the employer for our Clinical Instructors.

One of our bargaining demands is that they are covered (paid) for 3rd party training/ orientations that are normally 8-16 hours per term- outside of the contract dates.

Last Winter 2022, the employer decided to just lengthen the contract from 16 weeks to 18 weeks to cover the 3rd party training dates.

This was a cost-saving move on behalf of the employer and it circumvented our bargaining demand.  Hence, the unfair labour practice complaint.

If you are a CI and this happens to you please let our office know so that if there is a settlement- we can make sure you are included.


Your Bargaining Negotiations Team:

  • Kadeen Briscoe
  • Danny Pincivero
  • Reza Alipour
  • PSAC Lead Negotiator: Verda Cook

Post-Doctoral Fellows:

Our bargaining team for Post-Doctoral Fellows met with the University on July 5 and 6 to start negotiations for our next collective agreement. We exchanged proposals with the University. Our proposals are meant to improve your working conditions and include several priorities, such as:


  • fair wages
  • workload and work/life balance
  • teaching opportunities
  • job security
  • ensuring that the rights of Post-Docs are respected.


Your Bargaining Team:

Azam Asilian Bidgoli

Yasser Elsayed

Emmanuel Galiwango

Hussien Hegab

Mathieu Brûlé (PSAC Negotiator)”


If you have any questions about bargaining or the union, please direct them to our local union representatives by email at


In Solidarity,


Communication Committee