On 24th February 2022, the world woke up to horrific Russian acts of terror to the sovereign country of Ukraine and its residents. PSAC 555 in unison with other Canadian unions condemns these unjustifiable acts of aggression and stands in solidarity with all affected people of Ukraine whose lives and near future remain uncertain.

Russian military invasion is catastrophic not only to the people of Ukraine but also threatens the regional peace and co-existence among European citizens that has existed for decades. This invasion reminds us that no one is safe until all are safe, and that tyranny and autocratic rulers are a threat to the entire human race and its ecosystem. Therefore, we strongly urge our government to work tirelessly with other democratic-minded leaderships the world over to restore peace in Ukraine.

As we struggle to overpower the covid pandemic, we are witnessing an exodus of innocent civilians living in their homes in search of safety, all orchestrated by the monstrous act of terror by the aggressors. Innocent people from other countries like Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Palestine who are also facing heinous war-like situations also deserve peace and harmony just like Ukraine.

We are deeply concerned about the well-being of all people who are either craving for survival or fleeing this senseless violence and commiserate with those who have lost their dear ones. We add our voices to call on the aggressors to have empathy and give way for humanitarian aid and accord free will to the fleeing people, to decide their safety destinations.

Our hearts go towards all the communities across the world who are facing dreadful times, we can only imagine the tensions and fears before you.

We at PSAC 555 call for world peace! Remember, we are all in this together.

In Solidarity

PSAC 555