Hello PSAC Local 555 Family and Friends:

Finance Committee Meeting:

Are you interested in creating the PSAC555 Local Budget?  Want to know how the Union spends your dues? Do you want to help create spending proposal and membership fund proposals for the membership?

Then please join the Finance Committee.  They will be having their first meeting on August 7th, 2019 in room ERC 1058 @ 12 pm (Noon).

Bylaws Committee Meeting:

Are you interested in developing the PSAC555 bylaws? Do you want to help create executive roles/responsibilities, Election policies and Election procedures?

Then please join the Bylaw Committee. They will be having their first meeting on August 7th, 2019 in room ERC 1058 @ 2 pm.

The TA/RA Invigilator bargaining will begin in the 2019 Fall Term.

Coming soon: Please look for bargaining events in September!!!

BBQ and Union orientation dates to be posted soon.

The 2019-20 TA/RA Invigilator Negotiations Team:

  • Pedram Karimipour Fard (TA/RA and Grad Invigilator member)
  • Hassan Abo-Reada (TA/RA and Grad Invigilator member)
  • Sara Sharifi (TA/RA and Grad Invigilator member)
  • Heidi Kates (Professional Invigilator Member)
  • Alternate: Mahboubeh Ahmadalinezhad (TA/RA and Grad Invigilator member) 

Sessional UOIT Orientation:

The University will be putting on a new to UOIT training course on August 12th, for anyone who has not received the orientation training.

If you have received it and will not be in attendance the local has added a module on Sessional Instructor Rates of Pay and Employment Insurance Information.

Sessional Instructor Rates of PAY and Employment Insurance Information

PSAC Labour Day Celebration:

On Monday, September 2nd, 2019 @ 9 am, PSAC will be marching in the Toronto Labour Day Parade.  All marchers participating will receive a free admission wristband for the CNE.

Please register here if you wish to attend:


15 and Fairness Events:

Please feel free to join us at a 15 and fairness event to support a living wage for all!


August Office hours:

The office will normally be open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 9 to 4 pm.

There are office hours available on Mondays on the downtown campus.

Other important dates in August:

  • August 5th– Civic Holiday
  • August 7th– Committee Meetings
  • August 10th– Executive Officer Training
  • August 12th– UOIT training for New Sessional Instructors
  • August 13th– Office Closed alternate date August 12
  • August 19th– Executive Monthly Meeting
  • August 26 to August 30th: Local Member Representative Marie Polgar-Matthews will be on holidays.

Although our office may not be open when you are available- please let us know if you need to speak to a local representative and will be happy to accommodate your request.

In solidarity,