Hello PSAC Local 555 Family and Friends:

Save the date for the PSAC555 Mental Health and the Academic Worker Week.  March 19th , 20th and 21st.

To kick off our week- We will have Dr. Wayne Lewchuk lecturing on precarious employment and health, in J102 at 11 am on March 19th

Other events will be scheduled for 11 am to 3 pm on March 20th, and noon to 3 pm on March 21st. I will be providing more details once they are confirmed.

However, if you are interested in attending please RSVP here.


You may also contact Email Office@PSAC555.ca for tickets


PSAC Local 555 Information sessions on Executive Positions:

In April 2019, we will be having an election for the new 2019-20 academic year PSAC 555 executive.

Are you interested in becoming more active in your Union- looking to advocate for Justice and Equity?

Are you curious about- how you can become an officer of your Union?

Do you want to know what the expectations are of holding an executive position on PSAC555?

Do you want to attend an Executive Officer Information Session?

Please email me for more information -Office@PSAC555.ca

I would be happy to address the above questions and any other questions you may have.



The Post Doctorial Collective Bargaining Agreement expired December 2018.

We are waiting for bargaining dates.


The 2018-19 Post-Doctorial Bargaining Team:

Nadim Arafa

Vice President, Post Docs



Ahmed Abdelmaksoud

Chief Steward, Post Docs



Reza Alipour

PSAC555 Member, Post Docs



Professional Development, Hardship Fund, and Scholarship!

We know that life can sometimes be financially challenging for our members.  SO please visit our website for the policies on our Professional Development Funds, Hardship Funds, and Scholarships.


Office Hours for February:

Weather permitting- ERC1085 will be open on most days, with the exception of Feb 15th , 19th, 20th, 21st and 26th.

Downtown office hours are available: Wednesday and Thursday.

Please email Office@PSAC555.ca and let us know if you want to stop by- we will put some coffee on.  We always enjoy seeing our members and we look forward to meeting you.

In solidarity,

PSAC555 Executive