Good afternoon PSAC555 Friends and Family.

Contents of this newsletter.

  1. Membership Fund Information, updates and how to apply.
  2. How to become a FULL Member- Online pledge card.
  3. TA/RA & Exam Invigilator Updates
  4. Canvas Updates
  5. Sessional Faculty Updates

Membership Fund Information, updates and how to apply: 

Every year we have a budget meeting and we decide (vote on) the operational budget and what to do with any funds that exceed the operational budget.

The membership – (through a finance committee) recommended an allocation of $44,000.00 to community funds in this year’s budget- These are funds that we give back to the membership.

Community funds such as Hardship/ medical fund, Professional Development Fund, Covid19 emergency fund, scholarships, International PDF worker fund, Social justice fund, Christmas hamper fund, and grocery card relief fund.

On May 20th, 2020 we had a yearly budget meeting and the general membership voted to accept the finance committee’s recommendations. The new budget is posted on the website.

The PSAC COVID19 $10,000.00 Emergency Fund:

Due to COVID19, the employer has cut back on summer contracts and cancelled almost all of the invigilation employment. To help address these new working conditions, the membership established a $10,000.00 Covid19 Membership Emergency Fund on the 2020/21 Academic Year Budget. These funds can be distributed to the membership to help them cover up to $200 shortfalls in their rent, groceries or another monthly bill.

At this point members have used 50% of the fund.  If you need help please let us know and apply to this fund.

You can find all the policies and applications in the membership wellness tab on our website:

Full members are also entitled to access our free $10,000 life insurance plan. All you will need to do to enroll is complete the enrollment form. You will have to mail this form directly to the insurer Coughlin.

How do you become a FULL member? 

You are a full member when you are paying PSAC555 dues and you sign a Rand card- stating that you wish to be a Full member.

All invigilators who had contracts in 2019 (you are on the employer invigilator list) have full membership privileges – while they are ratifying their first agreement (even though you are not currently paying dues)

Once again all you have to do is sign a Rand card- stating that you wish to be a Full member. Right now, people cannot sign a physical rand card- so we have an online pledge. Online Rand Pledge Card for PSAC555

Updates for PSAC TA/RA & Invigilators:

Congratulations! You have ratified your CA.

We are really pleased that invigilators have some working condition protections during the COVID19 Pandemic.

This month we will be working with Ontario tech to get you your pay increases and retro pay, and will be establishing the working group to review LOU #5 (p.24 of ratification kit).

This management/Union working group will be reviewing Article 12 and Article 17 of the CA. Our goal is to establish fair – transparent hiring practices.

The University has a lot of discretion as per Article 12 and Article 17 of the CA. and there are very few rules around how these extra hours are awarded. Check out the Guide to Article 12 & 17 on our website

Canvas Training  takes on average 2 hours:

Teaching assistants your work-form should include hours you need for Canvas Training- we are recommending 2 hours for this training. Note** Canvas training is not included in your 5 hours of paid training (LOU#3 Supplemental Training Allowance- pg 38 of your CA).

Sessional Faculty your contract ROE is 238 hours. We are also recommending you record 2 hours for Canvas Training in your contract. And let us know if you are exceeding these 238 hours.

Track your time and let us know if you need us to help you negotiate your workloads. Our PSAC family at Queen’s University have graciously offered the use of a time tracker they have developed, to help you track your hours.

Sessional Faculty are you teaching Asynchronous VS Synchronous:

Asynchronous VS Synchronous Online Courses – they are a 3-credit hour course and worth the full value of the contract.

Ontario Tech U has scheduled all 2020 Spring/Summer courses online and they will be scheduling all Fall 2020 term classes online.

What is important is that it doesn’t matter if you are teaching in an asynchronous learning style or in a synchronous learning style or a combination of both, if it is a 3 credit hour course (over 6 weeks, 9 weeks, 12 weeks), then it pays the full contract amount.

If you are teaching a CRN that has its own unique student enrollment (5 students or 250 students), do not let the university offer or pay you half a contract! Email us immediately, so we can help you resolve this issue!


ERC1085 (the PSAC555 local office) will not be physically occupied until further notice. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office at   We are also able to do conference calls and google meetings with our membership- if you would like to chat. Please stay safe and healthy my PSAC555 family and friends.

In solidarity, PSAC555 Executive.