Hello PSAC555 Members:

Contents of October 2020 newsletter.

  • 2020-21 PSAC555 Executive
  • PSAC TA LOU# 5 working group
  • PSAC555 Training allowance for Canvas Training
  • PSAC 555 Clinical Instructor working group
  • PSAC 555 Sessional Instructor Bargaining Team Opportunity
  • Members Invite Ontario Regional Council Meeting – November 2020
  • Coming soon in November- A PSAC555 special meeting to discuss the new budget proposed by our PSAC Finance Committee.


2020-21 PSAC555 Executive and Health and Safety Officers

A huge warm welcome to the new PSAC555 2020-21 Executive.


  • The Local PSAC555 2020-21 President is Nabeel Ahmed Syed
  • The Vice President of Sessional Instructor affairs is Reza Alipour Moghadam Esfahani
  • The Vice President of Postdoctoral Fellow affairs is Azam Asilian Bidgoli
  • The Vice President of TA/RA and exam invigilator affairs is Utkarsh
  • The Chief Steward of Sessional Instructor affairs is Hussien Hegab
  • The Chief Steward of Postdoctoral Fellow affairs is Roozbeh Mohammadian
  • The Chief Steward of TA/RA and exam invigilator affairs is Sara Sharifi
  • The Treasurer is Sharif Seif Eldin.
  • The Secretary is Fatemeh (Azar) Gheshlaghi.

PSAC TA/RA & Invigilators working group:

In the Fall 2020 term, we will be establishing the working group to review LOU #5 (p.24 of ratification kit). Let us know if you would like to be on this committee at Office@psac555.ca.

A review of Article 12 and Article 17 and how hours are being dispersed.

Check out the Guide to Article 12 & 17 on our website https://www.psac555.ca/ta-ra-invig/

Canvas Training Update:

As of October 9th, 2020, Labour relations has informed us that the training payments have been paid.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding these payments please let our office know at Office@psac555.ca

PSAC 555 Clinical Instructor working group.

On October 7th, 2020 the CI working group Dawn Balsdon, Kadeem Briscoe, Maria Wallace, and (alternate) Erin Hallett was formed to review the working conditions of Ontario Tech U Clinical Instructors. On October 14th, 2020, we had our first meeting with the employer.  We had a very collegial dialog with the employer.  The CI team will be putting out a survey in November to get some feedback on some of the issues raised in this meeting.

PSAC 555 Sessional Instructor Opportunity

We are forming the Sessional Bargaining Team in January 2021 and are looking for people who would be interested in joining this team.  This is a paid position. Please let our office know if you would like more information on the role of Sessional  Instructor Bargaining Team member.

Members Invite Ontario Regional Council Meeting – November 2020

There is an invitation for all members of the PSAC Ontario Region to participate in the upcoming PSAC Ontario Regional Council meeting, scheduled for November 10th, 2020 meeting will be held by conference call.

The hours of sitting: Tuesday, November 10th from 9:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

If you would like to attend, please RSVP to Cleo Reid (redic@psac-afpc.com) by Friday, November 6th, 2020.

The PSAC555 Finance, Bylaw Committee & Fund Committees.

If you would like to volunteer to be on one of these committees, please let our office know at Office@psac555.ca

In solidarity,

PSAC555 2020-2021 Executive.