Ontario Tech U is profiting from this pandemic while its employees go hungry!

  • Ontario Tech U is profiting during this pandemic while their employees starve.
  • Ontario Tech U has received 4.8 million $ from govt and has approx. 5 million $ as surplus revenue. TOTAL = 9.8 mil $
  • The amount of financial assistance received by the employees to WFH (work from home) = 0 $ (ZERO DOLLARS)
  • Violation of Article 10.7 states the university is responsible to support all its employees with tools and facilities.
  • PSAC 555 had requested support from the university a lot of times but has been REJECTED each time.
  • PSAC 555 from our operating budget, has given out 90,000 $ as community funds to our members since March 2020.
  • PSAC555 is demanding to be heard and is looking for justice #otcovidfundjustice

Link to Member statement of why they need Covid 19 funding

Since March 13th, 2020 we have heard over and over how appreciative Ontario Tech U is of their workers during these difficult times. They are appreciative of our efforts in transferring from in-person learning to online learning.

While we appreciate their appreciation, these efforts have cost us. Time and money from our pockets to afford our home offices, internet, and other supports to make sure we could still deliver quality education to the students of Ontario Tech U (OTU).

Delivering quality education to our students is our business, a business that was very profitable for the University in 2020.

Without all the overhead, and expenses of having in-person classes, Ontario Tech U reported to their stakeholders almost 5 million dollars in surplus revenues.

Then in 2021, the Ontario Government gave the University an additional 4.8 million dollars in Covid 19 relief funding, to help with the transition to online learning.

Yet, we as the employee, who they appreciate so much, have received zero dollars in transitioning funding.

We have informed Ontario Tech U that other Universities are recognizing that workers need financial support for their part in the transferring programs to online learning.

As per our CA, we have reminded the University that as per article 10.7 they have a responsibility to ensure we have all the tools and supplies to do our jobs.

We have reminded them as per the CA the decision to not support us, may be their right, but it is not fair and violates 4.2 of our CAs.

Yet the University still refuses to supply any Covid 19 relief funding to their workers.

The University refuses to compensate its employees, for the work they have done transitioning to online classes and maintaining the delivery of quality education to the Ontario Tech U students.

On the other hand, PSAC555 since March 2020 has been helping our members with groceries, phone bills, internet bills, and their rent, so that they could continue to deliver quality education to the students at Ontario Tech U.

PSAC555 in 2020-21 & the 2021-22 budget, budgeted and is expected to spend $90,000.00 in community funds (COVID 19 Fund, Hardship Fund, and Professional Development) to help the PSAC555 employees of Ontario Tech U.

The Union has had to cut back on the administration of the Union and delivery of our services to make sure the employees could continue to deliver quality education and Ontario Tech U can continue to make a profit.

The employees & the Union have been covering the cost of transitioning work to online learning, while the University is making a profit.

It’s time for the employer Ontario Tech U to step up and acknowledge that since they are profiting from the delivery of quality education they should pay their employees for delivering it!

We need your help, sending this message to Ontario Tech U and changing their minds.

Please let us know at Office@PSAC555.ca if you can volunteer to help us mobilize the membership and please participate in our upcoming mobilization activities:

We will also be posting on our PSAC555 website is a webpage, anonymous employee testimonials, and pictures of how this Pandemic has affected employees of Ontario Tech U.

And we hope we can count on you to please submit a brief paragraph or a photo of how this pandemic has affected you as an employee of Ontario Tech U.

Also, please sign our change.org petition, demanding that Ontario Tech U pay for (not just profit from) the delivery of quality education to the students of Ontario Tech U. Please sign and share it widely.

Link to petition

In solidarity!