Hello PSAC Local 555 Family and Friends:

PSAC555 Mental Health & the Academic Worker Week.  March 19th, 20th and 21st. #academicmentalhealth  #jobsecurity

Sign up now for our Mental Health Week Events: Speakers/ Henna Tattoos/ Pizza Lunch and Rally




You may also contact Email Office@PSAC555.ca for tickets


Fighting OSAP cuts #OSAP #STOPFORD Postcard Campaign:

We are launching our postcard campaign this month. These postcards are addressed to Premier Doug Ford. And we are asking that you sign one if you do not agree with the cuts to OSAP tuition grants

We will be circulating these postcards to all of our University community throughout the month.


PSAC Local 555 Information sessions on Executive Positions:

In April 2019, we will be having an election for a new 2019-20 academic year PSAC 555 executive.

Are you interested in becoming more active in your Union- looking to advocate for Justice and Equity?

Are you curious about- how you can become an officer of your Union?

Do you want to know what the expectations are of holding an executive position on PSAC555?

Do you want to attend an Executive Officer Information Session?

Please email me for more information -Office@PSAC555.ca

I would be happy to address the above and any other questions you may have.



The Post-Doctoral Fellows Collective Bargaining Agreement expired on December 2018.

The team has met, and they will be contacting Post-Doctoral Fellows this month to ask, “what do you think about the current Benefit Program?”

We are still waiting for bargaining dates.

Professional Development, Hardship Fund, and Scholarship!

We know that life can sometimes be financially challenging for our members.  SO please visit our website for the policies on our Professional Development Funds, Hardship Funds, and Scholarships.



Office Hours for March:

Weather permitting- ERC1085 will be open on most days, with the exception of March 11th & 12th and March 25th to March 28th.

Downtown office hours are available: Wednesday and Thursday.

Please email Office@PSAC555.ca and let us know if you want to stop by- we will put some coffee on.  We always enjoy seeing our members and we look forward to meeting you.

In solidarity,

PSAC555 Executive