Hello PSAC Local 555 Family and Friends:

Congratulations to the participant winners of the 2019 TA/RA & Invigilator Bargaining Survey:

There were 10 names drawn on June 24 and all winners have been notified.

Please check your email to see if you were a prize winner and how to collect your prize.

The TA/RA Invigilator bargaining will begin in the 2019 Fall Term.

The 2019-20 Negotiations Team:

Pedram Karimipour Fard (TA/RA and Grad Invigilator member)

Hassan Abo-Reada (TA/RA and Grad Invigilator member)

Sara Sharifi (TA/RA and Grad Invigilator member)

Heidi Kates (Professional Invigilator Member)


Mahboubeh Ahmadalinezhad (TA/RA and Grad Invigilator member)

Post-Doctoral Fellows Bargaining Updates

On June 14th, and the PDF bargaining team reached a tentative agreement for Postdoctoral fellows at UOIT.

The Postdoctoral fellows at UOIT ratified this agreement on June 26, 2019.

Agreement highlights and bargaining concerns:


For the first time, we were able to negotiate an increase to the minimum funding AND a general wage increase for all postdocs! On September 1 of each year of the agreement, all postdocs will receive a one percent increase to their wages. The minimum salary will also increase by the same amount.

Salary Minimum Sept. 1, 2019 Sept. 1, 2020 Sept. 1, 2021
  $32,825 $33,153 $33,485

Although we are proud to have negotiated a wage increase for all postdocs, our ability was limited due to the provincial government’s recent announcement (BILL 124) that they will be imposing a law limiting wage increase at one percent per year for all public sector workers, including employees at UOIT. This unjust situation and the University’s decision to act as if it was already law prompted our bargaining team to negotiate a Letter of Understanding granting us the right to renegotiate wages and your Healthcare Spending Account in the event that this law does not pass or is amended.


  • A Letter of Understanding with the University ensuring that should they open up discussions on pensions or benefits with another contract-based group of workers on campus, they shall do the same with Postdoctoral employees.
  • More time (90 days instead of 30) to file a Healthcare Spending Account claim.

Job Security

  • Language clarifying your right to return to your previous position following pregnancy and/or parental leave
  • A commitment from the University to make every effort to provide members with at least one month notice of renewal or termination of their appointment

Administration Fund

  • The creation of a fund that will help with the administration of the collective agreement. This will benefit all members, and liberate much-needed funds that could now assist our members in financial need.

In Solidarity,

Your Bargaining Team:

Reza Alipour Moghadam Esfahani

Ahmed Mohamed Othman Abdelmaksoud

Nadim Arafa

Mathieu Brûlé (PSAC Negotiator)


Our Graduate Research Assistants- Graduate students who are not in the PSAC555 local are looking to form a graduate student union and are working towards this goal.  We are investigating options for them and trying to help them achieve this goal.

We are also looking at organizing Research Technicians and Research Associates.  Please let us know if would be interested in joining the PSAC555 family.

Mobilization and Events:

After our recent Mental Health and Precarious Worker Campaign, I am pleased to announce that as of June 3rd at the downtown health and safety meeting. The health and safety committee agreed to look at ways we can address psychosocial risks in our workplace. Starting with how we can add mental health checks into our site inspections

July Office hours:

The office will normally be open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 9 to 4 pm.

There are office hours available on Mondays on the downtown campus.

Other important dates in July:

July 1st– Holiday

July 8th– TA/RA grievance review meeting

July 16th, the newly elected officers will be taking local executive officer training, with our Regional Representative, Angela Fairweather.

July 22nd to July 26: Local member representative Marie Polgar-Matthews will be on holidays.

Although our office may not be open when you are available- please let us know if you need to speak to a local representative and will be happy to accommodate your request.

In solidarity,