Good Morning PSAC555 Membership

The PSAC555 Finance committee met on October 9th, 2020 and there are several changes in expected income and expected expense due to COVID19, the PSAC555 Finance committee has created a new budget.
I am attaching their report and the changes they have made.
The PSAC555 membership now has a choice to vote:
“In concurrence” with the Finance Committee and the new budget will be implemented immediately.
“Non-concurrence” with the Finance Committee, the budget will be sent back to the finance committee and the members provide more direction for the next draft.
We encourage you to register to attend this vote on November 20th at noon, because we need to make a quorum to make any decisions on your behalf.
To register please reply to this email with your intention to attend.
In solidarity,
Marie Polgar-Matthews
Local Membership Representative