2020-2021 PSAC555 Committees

In this 2020-21 budget, we have budgeted for five committees. Each committee has $100.00 to run their committee and for committee expenses.

We normally have a Bylaws, Finance Committee, and Fund Committees. But also in the past these are the types of committees we have also formed.


PSAC555 International Member’s Committee

This committee was formed to provide a PSAC555 orientation to our PSAC555 members. To let our members know about their collective bargaining agreement, what services the Union provides, and advise the members of current bargaining unit issues that may be affecting them.


PSAC555 Policy Committee

This committee was formed to develop policies for the new PSAC555 Hardship Fund, the PSAC555 Scholarship, and the Professional Development Contest. Their main objective is to provide our members with clear transparent policies on these funds and how to access them.


PSAC555 Educational Committee

This committee was formed to investigate educational opportunities for our membership and schedule these opportunities on campus and off campus. The local often offers the following educationals: “How to be an executive officer; How to process membership grievances; Talking Union Basics; How to create resolutions and rules of order training."


NEW PSAC555 Committees

There are opportunities to create committees. If you as members would like to form a committee to enhance your worker experience at PSAC555, please let your PSAC555 executive know. Please email us any proposals at Office@PSAC555.ca.

In solidarity,

PSAC555 Executives