If you experience any situations where you feel unsafe, such as harassment, discrimination or violence in the workplace, please contact us through email at office@psac555.ca, so that we can assist you in addressing the issue with your supervisor, as this is often a very difficult time to navigate on your own.

For more information about Harassment and Discrimination, Health and Safety, and Workplace Violence please find below the Policies provided on UOIT’s website.

Full List of Policies

UOIT’s Harassment and Discrimination Policy

UOIT’s Health and Safety Policy

Workplace Violence Prevention Policy

In addition, the following link found on the UOIT’s website guides individuals through a series of questions in order to effectively provide appropriate resources to help in situations where individuals feel unsafe.


For emergencies please call Campus Security: (905) 721-3211

They are responsible for the safety and security of all students, university employees and campus property.

To find out what Ontario Ministry of Labour Health and Safety says about workplace violence and harassment, as well as employers’ responsibility in protecting and assisting their workers when they experience incidents of domestic violence, please read the following links.

Workplace Violence and Harassment

Domestic Violence Doesn’t stop when you go to work