Despite mental illness becoming an increasing public health concern, stigma around mental illness continues to prevent individuals from seeking help.

This is specifically an issue for educational institutions, because according to the research from Mindsight, suicide is the second leading cause of death on post-secondary campuses.

In order to educate yourself in assisting others and finding helpful resources even for yourself we highly recommend signing up on the following Mindsight web link. Training sessions are available to complete which cover topics such as depression, anxiety, substance use, suicide, and trauma. By participating in these education sessions you are able to have a greater understanding of mental illness and work towards the elimination of stigma.

The following are resources found on UOIT’s mental wellness page:

Mental Illness in the Workplace

Distress and Crisis Ontario

The Campus Health Centre provides confidential health care services, which include a medical clinic, a pharmacy and alternative health care services.

Phone: (905) 721-3037