PSAC 555 stands in solidarity with UOITFA.

The employees are the backbone and perhaps one of the most valuable assets of any organization or institution and they need to be given the importance and respect that they deserve. Our union always supports and encourages fair and equitable workloads and better learning conditions for students and that’s primarily what the Faculty Association of Ontario Tech University is fighting for. Their demands are legitimately upright and genuine.

Since the members of PSAC are not members of the UOITFA bargaining unit, we need to comply with the contracted norms that we have with the university.

I request that everyone not panic in this situation.

Please read our FAQs on how this strike will impact you.

And, if you have any further questions, kindly revert back to the office and we will get back to you.

In solidarity,

Nabeel Syed

President, PSAC-555

Questions about how the UOITFA strike impacts PSAC employees


FAQ’s about the UOITFA strike:

If the FA goes on strike do I stop working?

  • You signed a contract to do work for the University.

Will my pay be interrupted?

  • You will continue to be paid for your contract.

Can the University ask me to do UOITFA work or job duties?

  • That would be violating article 6.05 of your CA
  •  Art6.05 In the event of a legal work stoppage at the University, Sessional Lecturers shall not be required to perform the work of the other employees engaging in, or affected by, this action.

Can I cross their picket line?

  • Yes, you are under contract to complete certain duties, and to not do so would violate your contract

What if I don’t feel safe crossing the picket line?

  • You can contact campus security to escort you

What if I want to participate and walk the line with the UOITFA?

  • Yes, you can (outside the scheduled working hours)


As a TA or RA what if I can not complete the duties on my workform can the University cancel my contract?

  • No, the University is not canceling your contract or any of your guaranteed funding

As a TA/ RA, can the University ask me to adjust my workform?

  • Yes, they can.
  • All adjustments are negotiable and must comply with article 17 of your CA.
  • Once again- you can not be asked to teach Lectures for Faculty because this would violate article 6.05 of your CA

Please also refer to the Ontario Tech U website for the following update#3 on January 26:

How does a strike impact Sessional Instructors, Teaching Assistants, and Research Assistants:

  • Courses led by sessional lecturers will continue without interruption and students will be notified accordingly.
  • Teaching and Research Assistants will also continue to comply with the terms of their contracts, recognizing that adjustments may be necessary based on courses that are paused due to the strike.