Since the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic, members of PSAC Local 555 have been very flexible and have performed outstanding work over this last term. We want to assure our members that your union, PSAC 555, has your backs. As the University begins to shift to alternative methods of teaching and delivery, we want to ensure that your rights are respected.


We encourage you to complete your work-hour forms, and if you need our help, a union representative can attend the work form meeting with you, or review your form before you sign them. For Sessional Instructors, if your contracts are going to take you more than 238 hours, please come and speak with us. There are protections in your Collective Bargaining Agreement.


Also, Blackboard is being replaced with Canvas Learning Management Platform. You are entitled to add 2 hours on your work forms for the training and learning of this new platform.


Remember, that PSAC555 is your union and if you have any concerns about changes in your working conditions, we are in this together. So please email us at for any concerns or questions you may have.


In solidarity,

PSAC555 Executives