Good afternoon PSAC555 Friends and Family.

PSAC COVID19 $10,000.00 Emergency Fund and 2020/21 Academic Year Budget:

There will be a town hall on May 20th,2020 at 3- 4pm LINK to MAY 20, 3-4 pm PSAC555 Town Hall

The agenda will include time for the membership to review and approve, a $10,000.00 Covid19 Membership Emergency Fund and the 2020/21 Academic Year Budget.

We will also be providing members updates on some of the changes they can expect at Ontario Tech University for 2020.

A bargaining update for TA/RA and Invigilators.

If you have any specific questions or items you would like addressed at this townhall please let us know at

PSAC555 Funds and Food Cards:

Please apply for the PSAC555 Hardship Fund and/or the Post Doctoral Fellow Fund,  Applications due by May 30th.

We also have Food Cards available if you need one please contact our office at:

If you have a financial hardship, or in need of food or other support, you can also contact or call 211.

PSAC National Resources:

PSAC university sector landing page has been launched on the national website. The new landing page features:

· The most frequently asked COVID-19 questions for university workers

· The COVID-19 worker’s rights article

· A university sector collective agreement depository

· The Directly Chartered Local Handbook

The landing page will also feature the latest news involving our 37,000 university sector members


Applying for EI and other Government Supports:

The National Student Loan Center has suspended all payment and interest on Student Loans until September 30th, 2020.

There is also some emergency funding available for those who may not qualify for EI. Applications for this funding have been available since April 6, 2020.

If you need an ROE let our office know:

Please follow this link for information on EI and other Government Supports:


ERC1085 (the PSAC555 local office) will not be physically occupied until further notice. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office at

We are also able to do conference calls and google meetings with our membership- if you would like to chat.

Please stay safe and healthy my PSAC555 family and friends and we will follow up with you again soon.

In solidarity,